Dave Mackay Band

Dave Mackay Band

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Too much fun can be had with 3 naughty boys and some wood ;-p

Engineering @ The Moorings Bar (Aberdeen)

The Moorings Bar 2

A dream comes true, engineering at my favourite venue of my whole music career.

An actual win ūüôā

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Movin’ Melvin Brown @edfringe

Movin’ Melvin Brown¬†(@movinmelvin)¬† is in Edinburgh for the Festival.

Playing bass on the following dates for his 2 shows

Adam House Chambers Street

The Ray Charles Experience РAugust 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th

The Tap Dancing Preacher    РAugust 12th, 14th, 16th, 28th

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@CallanishMusic Play St. Andrews (New Golf Club)

Banana Row Van in St Andrews 2

Lovely Venue, many thanks to staff at The New Golf Club Hotel, 1st class professionals throughout.

International guests for an evening of ceilidh, traditional, and contemporary Scottish music.


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Goings-on as Bassist for Fisso Musica

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A productive weekend for the Fisso Musica outfit, with acoustic recordings of Emily Atkinson, our new singing talent, on Saturday using the ever-skilful services of Guitarist and engineer Gavin Wiltshire.  Followed by a full-band recording the very next day!  Well done friends, great work and the results so far make for exciting listening.
Gavin and I had discussed previously and at length that we should aim to achieve both a much fuller sound and polished performance than the hundreds of performances we have seen and indeed been part of over the last few years.
So my thanks to Scott Galbraith, Emily Atkinson and Brian Macleod for your recent efforts; for the first time in a while I can feel a real sense of achievement in this corner of my musical activities, and I’m very happy to have had a good feeling grow into a good vibe, cheers folks.

Gav, well done bud, as ever.

Peavey Grind 6 Customising and EMG Upgrade ptII

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Work is pretty much complete on my  Peavey Grind 6.
2 EMG Pickups (a 45CS and a 45DC) fitted with surprisingly little effort, and for the nerds I went with an 18v supply, and modified wiring to maintain the original tone/volume control pair.

Peavey Grind 6 Customising & EMG Upgrade

2 Peavey Grind 6 Basses undergoing various cutomisations and upgrades

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OK so these images document the bulk of the pickup upgrade work done to my Peavey Grind 6.
I purchased the Bass from Red Dog Music store in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, it’s my second one, on purpose, because I love them; my friend and fellow Bassist Duncan Roscoe now owns my original one.
I also purchased some EMG pickups a 45CS and a 45DC, as did he, and then we set about our instruments.