Pipe band from my less-than-awesome view

Nestled neatly within our organisation are two of the best musical events teams in Scotland:

Fisso Musica – an established corporate and function six-piece ensemble who always come with the full complement of neatly-turned-out humans complete with heads full of songs spanning the last 60 years at least, and some ancient traditional ceilidh dances modernised to fit the mix. Lighting and filler / background music also provided along with additional visuals where requested.

Amplified Edinburgh – A network of established local private and in-school tutors, musicians, engineers and consultants who compile exciting and engaging educational workshops  programmes and showcases for the public and private sector.


Some Rack Gear

Using our state-of-the-art recording equipment and truly nerdish techniques we can offer location recording (we come to you) at the highest quality broadcast formats available. Don’t want any hassle?  Tell us what you need as the finished product and we will produce/engineer/mix/master and bounce files to your stated requirements.

Through our abundant local affiliates we are also able to provide high quality recording environments for those in need of studio settings.

A time-served sound engineer with 15 years experience on both sides of the desk will be provided.

Toys for the Ghost of Bongo Boys

So Saturday sees the eagerly anticipated (by myself and at least one other person I know of) reanimation of the Ghost of Bongo, if only in the form of a weekend jam session in Edinburgh.
Fat Hands (Colin Austin) our esteemed keyboardist has shown his hand and it looks very exciting 🙂
Here then is (most of) what I shall be bringing to the rehearsal rooms of Bainbridge Music this Saturday:


looking forward to posting the results of our efforts this weekend, see you soon!