Engineering @ The Moorings Bar (Aberdeen)

The Moorings Bar 2

A dream comes true, engineering at my favourite venue of my whole music career.

An actual win 🙂

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Peavey Grind 6 Customising and EMG Upgrade ptII

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Work is pretty much complete on my  Peavey Grind 6.
2 EMG Pickups (a 45CS and a 45DC) fitted with surprisingly little effort, and for the nerds I went with an 18v supply, and modified wiring to maintain the original tone/volume control pair.

Peavey Grind 6 Customising & EMG Upgrade

2 Peavey Grind 6 Basses undergoing various cutomisations and upgrades

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OK so these images document the bulk of the pickup upgrade work done to my Peavey Grind 6.
I purchased the Bass from Red Dog Music store in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, it’s my second one, on purpose, because I love them; my friend and fellow Bassist Duncan Roscoe now owns my original one.
I also purchased some EMG pickups a 45CS and a 45DC, as did he, and then we set about our instruments.

Toys for the Ghost of Bongo Boys

So Saturday sees the eagerly anticipated (by myself and at least one other person I know of) reanimation of the Ghost of Bongo, if only in the form of a weekend jam session in Edinburgh.
Fat Hands (Colin Austin) our esteemed keyboardist has shown his hand and it looks very exciting 🙂
Here then is (most of) what I shall be bringing to the rehearsal rooms of Bainbridge Music this Saturday:


looking forward to posting the results of our efforts this weekend, see you soon!